Our curriculum is learner centric with focus on enhancing the domains of development and thus challenging activities are developed and done in the play method with the children. The activities are prepared keeping in mind the holistic development of young children, the curriculum establishes a motivating link between the theoritical aspects and practical approach. The curriculum is designed in a way to bridge the gap of learning. Indoor and outdoor spaces are well utilised through the structured and unstructured activities.

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The Little Scholar programme is holistic and developmentally appropriate. It caters to development across all domains – physical, intellectual, emotional and social. Our programme promotes experiential learning through hands-on and authentic experiences relating to exciting and meaningful themes. We prepare children for learning through inquiry by employing the inquiry approach in a progressive manner from the playgroup to kindergarten years.


Curriculum at our school is need based, thus to understand the developmental needs of young children we endorse and move through the developmental milestone of each domain. Activities are planned keeping in mind the heterogeneity of childhood and the approach is also to address the diversity with a vision.