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The Little Scholar School was established in the year 1989 with a mission to establish reminiscent experiences for the young children. We understand the need for a conducive environment for your little one and hence ensure and feel responsible for providing the best early care and education to the young ones. We believe that school is a mere infrastructure unless we have the lively young ones filling it up with all the laughter and joy. Our Day-care is one of the most reliable and easy to access day care school in Noida. We help to Make your kid scholar, by making learning enjoyable and fun. From making their doll’s braids to yummy feast, paper boats to the best sportsperson, colorful paintings to annual day winners and much more. 

Events And Celebrations

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"Play,Learn,Explore And Grow"
We are group of teachers who really love children and enjoy every moment of teaching

Mother’s Toddlers

Best place to be for your little one!
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Scholar’s Toddlers

Happy feet running!
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Scholar’s Play Groups

Learning by playing!
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Scholar’s Pre-nursery

Play is the true work of a child!
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Scholar’s Nursery

Right approach to achieve early learning goals!
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Scholar’s kindergarten

Quality education for lifelong lessons!
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Finishing School

Refines personality and boosts confidence to bring the best in you!
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Scholar’s Teacher Training

Training educators by covering both theoretical and practical aspects!
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Scholar’s Day Care

Safe, healthy and homely environment for your child!
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