The Little Scholar school is the best & trusted playschool in noida embracing young minds since 1989. We nurture your children by encouraging their curiosities and building confidence to bring out excellence in your young ones.

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children” – Nelson Mandela

We are located in Noida sector 19, which was established in 1989 under the guidance of Ranjana Bhargava. We understand the need for a conducive environment for your little ones and make sure your young ones will get the right education. At Little Scholar you will discover the most liberal and facilitating surroundings for your children here. The Little Scholar School is spread over a beautiful 1200 sq meter of campus. We are one of the oldest and largest play schools in Noida. We are the first solar-powered play school in Noida. We have outstanding surroundings and playing area which meets the physical and educational needs of your children. We enjoy an excellent reputation amongst the list of top 10 playschools in Noida and Delhi NCR. Our experienced staff will help your children, not just for succeeding in the exam rather also help them to excel in life.

The Little Scholar School is the first school to introduce multi-media education in Delhi preschools 20 years back. We avail smart classes for kids to prepare them for future advancements. We guide toddlers to learn through technology. Our teachers make learning enjoyable and fun friendly, to make your kid a scholar. Such as making their doll’s braids to yummy feast, paper boats to the best sportsperson, colorful paintings to annual day winners and much more. We are open six days a week. This is one of the reasons why we are the best play school Noida for kids.


“A good beginning that lasts a lifetime. We aim at laying the foundation of happy, responsible, caring and patriotic future citizens of India who will further touch the lives of people in many.”

We believe each child is special in their own way, that's why at Little Scholar school, we provide a complete stress-free environment for your young ones. We allow your kids to discover the world's best scientific and rational approach.

We are experts in comprehending each child in their own kind and the best way is that we always encourage the process of learning rather than the product of learning. Our goal is to stimulate their curiosity, guide them to explore, help them acquire skills and instill the joy of learning which would set the tone for the rest of their lives as life is not only about living but also loving it.


“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning”- Jiddu Krishnamurti.

As quoted by famous educationist J.Krishnamurti, I strongly believe in the process of learning. I ensure that the children at our school are in the best possible, stimulating and secure environment. Being in the field of education for several years now, I strongly believe in the focal role an educational organization, has the responsibility to play in the progress of the society. I feel privileged to be in charge of a seat of learning that can mold the most significant resource of any nation — young, impressionable human minds. I feel responsible for the vital implications of running an institution that caters to young children.

Mrs. Ranjana Bhargava


Our Panel Experts

Our team of most experienced, dedicated and qualified teachers enables the little ones to develop a love for learning and exploring their surroundings. From the time you drop the child at school and pick him/her back, we ensure you that the child is in the hands of well-trained and caring teachers of the school. Our teachers are zealous to contribute to your child’s happiness by providing them with a nurturing and growing environment. To understand the needs and prerequisites of early childhood education, we have a panel of experts from the field of education and child development. The expertise of the esteemed panelist helps us to make improvisations and provide the best.

Know More Principal

Mrs. Ranjana Bhargava is the Principal and Director of The Little Scholar School. She started her career with Oberoi Hotels and Forayed into education field in 1989. She is two-year Diploma ...

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Shashi Shukla
Read More Board Member
Shashi Shukla

Ms.Shukla is holding a notable position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Elementary Education, Miranda House, University of Delhi. She is also appointed as a research consultant for a cross-cultural ...

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Asha Singh
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Asha Singh

Dr. Asha Singh has marked an outstanding presence in The Little Scholar School. She has done her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Child Development from Delhi University. She even did M.Ed from ...

Indu Kaura
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Indu Kaura

Indu Kaura, Ph.D., was a coordinator of the Rajkumari Amrit Kaur  Child Study Centre, a laboratory research centre affiliated to the Department of Child Development, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. ...

Nandita Chaudhary
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Nandita Chaudhary

Dr. Nandita Chaudhary teaches at the Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. She has been a bright Scholar and Senior Fellow of the Indian ..

Sangeeta Jha
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Sangeeta Jha

Mrs. Sangeeta Jha has been a strong pillar towards the growth and administration of The Little Scholar School. She has been with The Little Scholar School family for more than 25 ...


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