Our curriculum is learner-centric and has a prime focus on enhancing the domains of development and success. Various challenging activities are designed and developed for kids to boost their personality to the core. To shape the future of children, these activities are done in the best way possible.
The activities are prepared keeping in mind the holistic development of young children; the curriculum establishes a motivating link between the theoretical aspects and practical approaches. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it bridges the gap between learning and growing. Indoor and outdoor spaces are well utilized through structured and unstructured activities.
The curriculum at our school is need-based, thus to understand the developmental needs of young children we endorse and move through the developmental milestone of each domain. Activities are planned keeping in mind the heterogeneity of childhood and the approach is also to address the diversity with a vision.
The curriculum covers every single aspect that is a must for your child to excel in all the fields. An array of activities like reading, counting, effective communication, cognitive development, dance, arts, soft gym for kids are an integral part of the curriculum.
The Little Scholar Play School helps the toddlers to achieve their learning goals with all the love and grace.

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